Using our models and talents, and our experience with expos

and conventions we can showcase your brand efficiently.

Represent your brand.


your brand.

A multicultural company that 

understands you and your target

What does Conzeptos do?

We know our business very well. Product launches, increasing volume, and in-store merchandising are a few of the services we take pride in. For a more detailed look at our services, click here.

Why Choose Conzeptos?

Aside from our 14 years of experience, we’ve also developed a strong bilingual team that delivers from ‘conzept’ to completion. We deal mainly with clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but we have clients all over Texas.

What are you waiting for?

If we seem like a good fit, We suggest having a brief conversation with us about your situation. After a short discovery process, we will prepare a clear proposal with pricing that meets your needs.

Why wait? Get in touch.

Our Background

With 14 years in the US market, we have developed a strong and experienced Bilingual team with Demonstrators, Merchandisers, Models, Supervisors, and Managers that work for you – whether to launch a new product, generate volume, or simply move the retail store stock while supporting your brand.

Our Clients

To connect brands with consumer through their culture, passions, interests and choices

We are serious about helping you succeed in the food market. Let us prove it to you!