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Food Sampling

It’s the best way to support the customer decision to buy a product, whether for the first time or switching to the brand being tested. Product demonstrators are recommended to introduce new products or brands on the market to raise awareness of new uses or recipes, or for more information on the benefits obtained by consuming the product or just to move inventory and increase sales.



Conzeptos achieves smart sales in the retail store because it goes beyond accommodate products. We first understand the consumer purchase process. We then  maximize your sales by optimizing the product display in the retail stores through the visual brand management, packaging, price, and display that encourages consumers to spend more and buy more.



Conzeptos Marketing Inc. offers a touch of class and organization in your events or shows with Brand Ambassadors trained to represent your brand in activities such as: greeting and welcoming guests at events, fairs, and exhibitions, handing out flyers or coupons and allocating booths and activities In addition to talent and beauty.

We are serious about helping your brand succeed. Let us prove it to you!